Very rare vintage Champagne from Dom Perignon
Dom Pérignon Rosé 2002 Dark Jewel Limited Edition

In 2002 the vineyards of Champagne basked in a warm, dry, spring that turned this beautiful part of France into a rural idyll.

But for sun lovers, that early promise was followed by a somewhat less than perfect summer. Although there were sunny stretches, regular rainy interludes – particularly heavy in August and the start of September — and overcast conditions were not conducive to outdoor life.

It might have been a disappointing year for sun worshippers, but a late sunny spell just before harvest made it a glorious year for the great Chateaux of Champagne.

The vines were in perfect health, while the grapes reached concentrated levels of ripeness rarely seen. The result was an extra special vintage that the most skilled Chateaux took full advantage of in order to create some of the very best limited edition rare Champagnes to have come out of the famous region.

Amongst wine lovers it is generally acknowledged that the rosés from the 2002 harvest are particularly fine, and of those, the Dom Pérignon Dark Jewel Rosé 2002 Limited Edition has a particularly outstanding reputation.

Named for its rich, dark amber colour developed after a long cellaring of ten years, this careful blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes delights the senses in every way. From the intense orange-red glow of its colouring, to its deep, complex aroma and its intense flavour, this rare wine from one of the best vintage years never disappoints.

Perfect food pairings for Dom Pérignon vintage rosé

Like all Dom Pérignons, this Champagne ages particularly well, moving from a youthful fruity exuberance to a wonderfully mature wine, full of depth and hidden nuances. Lobster, crab, caviar and foie gras are the perfect food pairings for this finest of fine wines, as are delicious early summer strawberries.

While VIP Wine Services has a case of 12 bottles of the Dom Pérignon Dark Jewel Rosé 2002 in stock and ready for same day delivery on the Costa del Sol, it is not the sole example of the famous Chateau’s 2002 vintage rosé that we can supply to our clients within a matter of hours.

We have in our climate-controlled cellar a hard-to-find magnum of Dom Pérignon’s 2002 Rosé Luminous, plus several examples of the same wine in standard bottles. Also in stock is the Dom Pérignon 2002 Rosé Magnum. Each of these Champagnes, although having their own distinctive characteristics, have benefitted from the grapes carefully harvested for the very special 2002 vintage.

They are all in perfect condition and ready to drink now.