Food Pairing

In my experience anyone with a love of good wine also has a love of good food.

This is only natural of course, but it does go beyond simply enjoying the tastes and sensations involved — it has a deeper, more satisfying significance.

The great Canadian economist John Galbraith understood this when he said: “Food — taken to support life. Wine — taken to enrichen life. Food and wine — taken to fulfil life”.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the Marbella area, where there is no shortage of restaurants of exceptional quality, including several good enough to have Michelin stars conferred on them. The ability to sample the best gave me a great love of food, which I have been able to indulge on my travels around the world.

In fact, one of my hobbies has been to visit Michelin starred restaurants and sample there some truly exquisite food accompanied by outstanding wines.

My 21st birthday was the date of my first visit to a Michelin rated establishment and that was the occasion when I started my fascination with matching the best food with the best wine. I will never get tired of oysters, caviar, shellfish, or sushi paired with Champagne!

My travels to London, St Petersburg, New York, Paris, Rome, Dubai, Miami, and Madrid/Cataluña allowed me to experience excellent restaurants and further my passion and hobby by combining fine wines with outstanding food.

Some of my favourite chefs to date are Gordon Ramsay, Daniel Boulud, Dani García, Ramón Freixa,Joël Robuchon, Alain Ducasse and Heinz Beck who have all brought something unique to the table with their individual flair.

Much of the pleasure of sampling the wonderful dishes created by these masters is the thought and care I take in choosing the perfect wines to complement the meals with. This is an experience I can bring to my clients, as each wine I have selected to offer you has my own personal recommendations of ideal food pairings.

However, these are just recommendations – I am very conscious of the fact that each individual has his or her own taste and preferences, but I am confident I can help guide you on your culinary journey.

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