GENEVA 21st of June 2019

Venue: The 5 Star Beau Rivage Luxury Hotel in Geneva-Switzerland


So we arrived at the next event organised by the one and only @domperignonlovers, after the stellar and simply crazy Paris event, where do we go from there?

Well, it seems that those few months in planning had given him all the ingredients to organise another simply wonderful event. Beautiful Geneva, stunning Hotel, service, cuisine, and one of a kind two-day event!

The experience was made even better when we found friends from the previous Paris Stars event, plus new friends from Australia, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.

What made the event even better was the support and collaboration from Moet Hennessy Switzerland who were extremely generous and joined us for the stunning brunch the next day.

Having arrived early I joined fellow friends from Australia, Italy, and Sweden for an excellent lunch at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva. We tasted some delicious Wines/Champagnes, Moet Chandon Grand Vintage 2012 93/100, Sassicaia 2014 96/100.

After a few hours rest and meeting some of the new avid Champagne fans we made our way to the stunning 1 Michelin-star Restaurant by Chef Dominique Gauthier and his team at Le Chat-Botté.

Keeping with tradition the first bottle of the night was one of my personal favourites the Dom Perignon 1990 P1 and off we went!

The Fine dinning experience contained the following rare and exclusive bottles of Champagne:

  • Dom Pérignon P1 1990
  • Dom Pérignon P1 1992 en Magnum
  • Dom Pérignon P1 1993 en Magnum
  • Dom Pérignon P1 1988
  • Dom Pérignon P3 1988
  • Dom Pérignon P1 1987
  • Dom Pérignon P1 1985
  • Dom Pérignon P3 1985
  • Dom Pérignon Œnothèque 1980
  • Dom Pérignon P1 1978
  • Dom Pérignon P1 1975 in Magnum
  • Dom Pérignon P1 1973
  • Dom Pérignon Œnothèque 1970
  • Dom Pérignon P1 1970
  • Dom Pérignon P1 1969
  • Dom Pérignon P1 1964

Food Pairings

  • Amuse-bouche. Euf mollet cuit parfait, trufe et polenta.
  • Ceviche de bar, curry vert et lait de coco, basilic thai et combawa.
  • Queue de gambas sauvages, kodaif croustillante, agrumes et basilic.
  • Fillet de lieu de ligne a la plancha, taglietelles de courgettes, pommes Charlotte ecrasees au citron de Nice.
  • Fillet de canette des Dombes, caramélise au miel de nos ruches, péches platea au piment d`espelette, aubergines grilles.
  • Selection de fromages affinés
  • Mangue des iles découpee, fraicheur fruits exotiques.


Having yet another opportunity to try such rare and near impossible to find Champagne vintages the first thing that comes to mind was the rare and privileged opportunity to try the 1988 and 1985 Dom Perignon in P1 and rare P3 bottlings.

Other standouts of the night where the Dom Perignon 1970 Oenotheque 100/100, my Dom Perignon 1980 Oenotheque 99/100, and the Dom Perignon1969 P1 99/100,
Simply stunning and delicious culinary pairings by Chef Dominque Gauthier and his team of Le Chat-Botté with again a wonderful collaboration and glassware from Royal Glass.

As if this privileged experience was not enough we experienced a stunning brunch the following day that was with the generous collaboration of Moet-Hennessy Switzerland. At the top of the private terrace of the Beau Rivage Hotel we enjoyed an amazing culinary and Champagne experience.

We enjoyed the ultra-rate Dom Perignon P2 1999 100/100, the stellar Dom Perignon P2 2002 100/100, and the delicious newly released Dom Perignon 2006 Rose 98/100. The icing on the cake followed later that evening when a select few of us shared wonderful company and enjoyed stunning bottles of Louis Roederer Cristal 1994 en Magnum 100/100, Louis Roederer Cristal 2008 Rose 98/100, and a unicorn 1967 Chateau D’ Yquem 100/100.

Paired with excellent Waguy beef and homemade lasagña. Having never visited Geneva before I can honestly say that I fell in love with the city, people, and wonderful hospitality!

Specials thanks to the wonderful friends who joined for this wonderful two-day event!
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To view some photos of the event, click the thumbnails below