PARIS 29th OF MARCH 2019

Venue: Le Taillevent 2 Michelin Star Restaurant


A truly wonderful event organised at Le Taillevent by the one and only @Domperignonlovers.

Friday night saw the meeting of 9 passionate Champagne lovers coming from the USA, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and France sat around a table and sharing some historic and simply incredible Wines.

Generosity, knowledge, shared interest, passion, and friendly is how one would best describe this fantastic group of people.

The first bottle and aperitif was the famous 1990 Dom Perignon P1 and what an excellent start to the night

The Fine dinning experience contained the following rare and exclusive bottles of Champagne:

  • Dom Perignon 1990 P1 (Aperitif)
  • Dom Perignon 1982 P1 MAGNUM (My bottle)
  • Dom Perignon 1983 P1
  • Dom Perignon 1978 P1
  • Dom Perignon 1976 P1
  • Dom Perignon 1973 P1
  • Dom Perignon 1973 P3
  • Dom Perignon 1975 Oenotheque
  • Dom Perignon 1966 P1 MAGNUM
  • Dom Perignon 1971 P1
  • Dom Perignon 1970 P1
  • Dom Perignon 1970 Oenotheque
  • Dom Perignon 1955 P1
  • Dom Perignon 1955 P1
  • Dom Perignon 1952 P1

Food Pairings

  • Steamed white asparagus, truffled spinach, marinated anchovies.
  • Raw Dublin prawn seaweed, hazelnut cream and prawn broth.
  • Morels mushroom and creamy potatoes poultry juice.
  • Poached sole and slightly oxidized wine sauce aniseed mushroom.
  • Farm veal chop chicory with marrow and parmesan.


Having never experienced such a vast and stellar line up of near impossible to find Champagne vintages the first thing that comes to mind was the mind-blowing experience of the Dom Perignon 1952 P1 100/100 and to have the amazing fortune to be able to enjoy two bottles of the Dom Perignon 1955 P1 97/100.

Other absolute standouts of the night where the Dom Perignon 1975 Oenotheque 100/100, the Dom Perignon 1970 Oenotheque 100/100, and the 1982 P1 Magnum 98/100,

Amazing cuisine at paired by the recently awarded 2 Michel Stars (2020), Chef David Bizet of Le Taillevent delivered perfect culinary pairings to accompany the Champagnes as well as perfect service and a simply beautiful venue for the event. Also special thanks to Royal Glass for their fantastic glassware and generosity.

Specials thanks to the wonderful friends who joined for this wonderful event and evening.

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To view some photos of the evening, click the thumbnails below