Dom Perignon 2002 75 cl

Harmony achieved
Dom Pérignon is vintage champagne only.
Each Vintage wine is created from the finest grapes grown in one single year. Reinventing itself by interpreting the unique character of the seasons. Daring not to release a Vintage if the harvest does not meet its ideal.
After at least eight years of elaboration in the cellars, the wine then embodies the perfect balance of Dom Pérignon, its greatest promise. This is Dom Pérignon Vintage, the Plénitude of harmony.

The 2002 Harvest
The spring was warm and dry, with no significant frost and near-perfect flowering. The summer was marked by long sunny periods, interspersed with regular cloudy and rainy spells. The unexpectedly perfect weather just before the harvest compensated for the heavy rains of late August and early September. The vines were in good health, and the dehydration of the grape berries helped them reach new heights of ripeness. The harvest began between September 12 and 28.

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On the nose, the first hints of fresh almond and harvest aromas immediately open up into preserved lemon and dried fruits, the whole rounded off by darker smoky and toasted qualities.

In the mouth, the presence of the wine on the palate is immediately captivating. Paradoxically concentrated yet creamy, it is energetic and warm in the mouth, focusing on the fruit, then gradually taking on more profound bass notes. The whole holds its note perfectly, intensively, with just a subtle, elegant hint of underlying bitterness.

Grape Varieties: 51% Chardonnay, 49% Pinot Noir
Dosage: 6 g/L

Lobster, crab, caviar, foie gras, strawberries

Chilled at 10°C – 12°C

The 2002 Dom Pérignon speaks to opulence and intensity. Rich, layered and voluptuous in the glass, the 2002 shows off its flamboyant personality with flair. Butter, cooked apple and tropically-leaning fruits mesh together effortlessly. Interestingly, with time in the glass the 2002 gains in freshness and energy without losing its essential opulence. The elevated ripeness of the year gives the 2002 Dom Pérignon distinctly Puligny-Montrachet leaning inflections. Chef de Caves Richard Geoffroy adds that August that year was hot and very dry. Rain towards the end of the month and into early September freshened the vines and accelerated the final phase of ripening. This is yet another fabulous showing from the 2002, which continues to cement its reputation as a truly epic Dom Pérignon.

— Antonio Galloni

98/100 (October 2015)

Whenever I get to drink the 2002 Vintage (Or talk about it) I am always extremely excited to share what really started my passion and interest in the Champagne world. Having been lucky to taste several bottles per year since its release and I consider it my favourite Dom Perignon only comparable by the 1990 or 1996 Vintage, what sets the 02 apart for me is a very vinous and extremely pearly taste that reminds me of a Vintage White Wine.

Wonderfully precise and creamy with lovely hints of apple, pear and wild red fruits. Strong aromas of dried nuts, lemon, citrus, and pastry linger in beauty.

Who needs food when you are lucky enough to drink this stunning Champagne, my favourite pairing for the 02 is with Joselito Bellota Jam, Rio Frio Russian Style Caviar, and Smoke Salmon. For dessert Chocolate mousse!

— Alex_Champagne

100+/100 (September 2016)

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