Dom Perignon P3 1992 75cl Gift Box

P3 – The Third Plénitude

The maturation of Dom Pérignon occurs not in a simple linear trajectory, but in successive leaps into new expression, each of which are called Plénitudes. In the long journey of elaboration, the wine goes through this metamorphosis, a transformation. Each Plénitude contributes to Dom Pérignon’s singularity. In the darkness of the cellars, from one plénitude to the next, Dom Pérignon will grow and blossom, transmuting time into energy.

There are three plenitudes in the life of a given vintage: the first window or plenitude is around 6-8 after the vintage. This is when Dom Pérignon Vintage is released.

The second plenitude, or P2, arrives between 12-15 years after vintage, and is about when the energy reaches its climax; showing intensity and vibrancy in high-definition.

The third plenitude, P3, comes after around 30 years, when the Champagne has spent more than 20 years on its lees. This is a stage in which maximum complexity is sought, very concentrated, with the most wisdom but with less energy.

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To the eye, the bouquet is complex and warm.  A surprising floral fruitiness with a hint of greenery is followed by every shade of brown and a very dark gray.

On the nose, they breathe and open up on notes of tobacco, wood, mocha and cocoa.

In the mouth, the true signature of the wine – far more than volume or balance – is its invigorating, juvenile precision.  Its richness is contained, as if it were being channeled. The finish is perfectly coherent: penetrating, tactile, sappy and toasted, with a touch of aniseed.

Chardonnay , Pinot Noir

Lobster, crab, caviar, foie gras, strawberries

Chilled at 10°C – 12°C

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