Krug Collection 1990 Magnum 150 cl

All Krug Champagnes age beautifully, with Krug Collection being the true pinnacle of the art of time sublimation. To the delight of collectors around the world, a very limited number of bottles of Krug Vintage are kept in ideal conditions in Krug’s cellars. These bottles are regularly tasted and appraised by Krug Cellar Master, Eric Lebel, until deemed to have blossomed into an outstanding new facet of this Champagne. Krug Vintage will then receive its cork and become Krug Collection. New aromas and flavours surprise while those already present expand. Krug Collection 1990 is thus time’s second revelation of Krug 1990

Krug Collection 1990 is the result of a classically contrasted Champagne climate: a particularly mild winter with no snow, followed by sharp frosts in early April and a spell of lighter frosts later in the month.June, though cool at times, brought favourable conditions, which heralded a hot, sunny summer..Now, over 25 years after its creation, Krug Collection 1990 beams with astonishing youth and exuberance.A blend of wines with fruit, great structure, elegance and distinction, Krug Collection 1990 has a new adventure to live and share.Krug Collection 1990 is part of the House of Krug’s unique trilogy of three exceptional years: 1988, 1989, 1990 – all very different Champagnes.At Krug, decisions are made by tasting – Krug Collection 1990 is being revealed before Krug Collection 1988, as it has not quite been deemed ready yet.

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To the eye, a deep golden tone hints to both the sunshine and generosity of the year.

On the nose,  indulgent notes of plum tart, cinnamon, crème pâtissière and gingerbread.

In the mouth, opulence and creaminess combined with an amazing freshness, a lively festival of flavours: spices, brioche, candied, caramelized, citrus and dried fruit as well as notes of apricot, grapefruit, orange marmalade and lemon pie with lightly toasted nuts and a drizzle of fine liquid honey. Its extraordinary length enhances the experience.

Krug Collection 1990 is the second life of Krug 1990, which is a blend of very complete and balanced wines, of great architecture. Power with fruit, elegance and distinction.

To express the character of this year, the composition includes powerful Pinot Noir (40%), elegant and round Chardonnays (37%), and very fresh Meunier (23%).

Now, over 25 years after its creation, Krug Collection 1990 beams with astonishing youth and exuberance.

Krug Collection 1990 is the perfect accompaniment to a risotto with morel mushrooms, duck with caramelised turnips, or boudin blanc with truffles.

For dessert, it pairs beautifully with a tiramisu with gingerbread and bitter orange, cooked apples topped with toasted slivered almonds or simply some slices og aged Comté cheese.

The richness of your Krug Champagne is fully revealed between 9°C and 12°C (49°F – 54°F). Serving your bottle too cold would refrain the aromas’expression.

Having had the pleasure to taste while on a short break it was clear and apparent just how magnificent Krug 1990 Collection is.

The 1990 Vintage by Krug was a classic and one of my favorite Champagnes so when the opportunity came to try the Collection the wait was certainly justified.

Perfectly golden smooth as silk bubbles with that beautiful clean mineral Krug finish had me for a minute thinking I was drinking a much older Champagne, having tasted this together with the 2002 Vintage I was in for an afternoon of brilliance.

Beautiful hints of Citrus, orange, lemon, brioche, spice, roasted cashew nuts, and hints of dark sweet chocolate all came at once as I took in the first few zips. After approximately 30 minutes from opening this bottle It began to take a more Wine like taste, simply stunning and there is no doubt that this will go down as one of the best Champagnes Krug has ever released. Still drinking so well there is no doubt this beautiful 1990 Collection Krug can be enjoyed for the next 10/20 years.

A carefully fought food pairing was needed for the occasion and the pairing was cooked Foie Grass with an apple sauce, followed by Truffle Risotto with sprinkles of Parmesan Cheese. For dessert a beautiful pairing was French/Spanish Cheese Platter.

— Alex_Champagne


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