dom perignon 2002
Rare Dom Pérignon 2002 in stock

One of the unique advantages of VIP Wine Services is our ability to not only offer some of the rarest vintage Champagnes to have ever been produced, but in many cases to have in stock multiple bottles of the same wine.

Too often when trying to source that extra special wine for a special event people run in to the same problem time and time again – despite what a web site says about availability the chosen vintage is simply not in stock.

At best this means there can be a delay while the site in question sources the desired Champagne and at worst – and this is by no means uncommon – a substitute is sent instead.

Now, it might have the same name, but any connoisseur will tell you that no matter the quality of the Chateau it is simply unavoidable that some year’s vintages are extra special – which is why they sell at a premium.

If you order a particular vintage, that is what you quite rightly expect to get, not the same brand but from two or three years later.

Rare Champagnes for sale and in stock

The problem is made worse when you need several bottles of a rare vintage Champagne at short notice. Many suppliers simply cannot afford to keep in stock multiple units of the same wine, preferring to attempt to source to order. But VIP Wine Services is unique in that its stock is based on a one of a kind private cellar, which has been painstakingly built up over the years.

In many cases the wines have been bought by the case to be lain down until they are in optimal condition to drink – and now these cases are being made available to sell. It is a rare opportunity to purchase several bottles of some of the most sought after fine Champagnes from a single source.

Two fine examples of hard-to-find wines we have multiple bottle of in stock are the award winning 2002 Dom Pérignon and the Louis Roederer Cristal of the same year.

2002 is acknowledged to be an exceptionally fine vintage, with perfect growing and harvesting conditions in the Champagne region producing top quality wines that are increasingly rare and hard to find.

Both the Dom Pérignon and the Louis Roederer Cristal are magnificent examples of the very best Champagnes and are highly deserving of the gold wards they each achieved at the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships (in 2017 and 2016 respectively).

VIP Wine Services is one of the few places in Spain – if not the only one — where wine lovers can find several bottles of each of these highly exclusive Champagnes in stock and ready for same day delivery to Marbella or the Costa del Sol.